Addiction Services

(ETMC - Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center; MRC - Max Robinson Center)

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

An ASAM Level II treatment program designed to help persons dependent on drugs and /or alcohol to remain clean and sober. This abstinence based program is intended to help clients learn about addiction as a disease, develop a strong recovery support network and most importantly become knowledgeable about, committed to and involved in a recovery – oriented lifestyle. (Offered at ETMC ONLY. Call 202.939.7623)

Outpatient Program (OP)

A Level I treatment program designed to address substance abuse problems and/or those with co-occurring problems of substance with mental health concerns. All clients are screened and assessed for the appropriate level of care. (Offered at ETMC; call 202.939.7623.  Offered at MRC; call Randall Ehrbar, 202.797.3553)

Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction is a 10-week psycho-educational group that helps the client reduce harmful or negative consequences associated with drug and/or alcohol use. Harm Reduction is not an abstinence based program, but will provide the structure and support to those seeking to change their using behaviors.  (Offered at MRC; call Randall Ehrbar, 202.797.3553. Offered at ETMC; call Kris Oseth, 202.939.7639.)

Individual Psychotherapy

Limited one-on-one treatment is available to address substance abuse. (Offered at ETMC; call 202.939.7623. Offered at MRC; call Randall Ehrbar, 202.797.3553)