“Red Carpet”          

“Red Carpet” is the name given to Whitman-Walker Health’s “rapid visits” system for patients who are diagnosed with HIV on site, or who are otherwise new to HIV care at WWH. Under “Red Carpet,” these patients begin to see members of their care team on the first day they request “Red Carpet” at Whitman-Walker.

Patients who are new to Whitman-Walker Health and want to get HIV care can walk in to either Whitman-Walker site and ask for “Red Carpet.” Patients do not need to mention HIV in any way. Our staff will start them through the process.

The new patient meets with a Public Benefits and Insurance Navigator, who screens them for insurance eligibility and, if eligible, enrolls them in all applicable public health insurance programs or assigns them to Whitman-Walker's sliding fee scale based on their income if they are not eligible for other coverage.

Some patients will also meet with a Nurse Care Manager, who answers questions about the patient's diagnosis and gathers information about the patient's health and previous care.

The patient is scheduled to be seen by an HIV provider who evaluates the patient and orders lab tests. Often this visit is the same day or within a few days, but it may be within one to two weeks of the initial “Red Carpet” visit.
The patient is scheduled for a follow-up appointment where their lab results are reviewed and a medical exam is conducted.

To get “Red Carpet” services, visit either of our sites and ask the front desk staff for “Red Carpet.” You can also call 202.797.4439 to speak with one of the Nurse Care Managers. “Red Carpet” services are available at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and at the Max Robinson Center from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.