Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health

Whitman-Walker  is proud of its historic commitment to provide services that are sensitive to the needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities. Since our founding as the Gay Men's VD Clinic in 1973, Whitman-Walker's services have promoted awareness, provided support for physical and mental health, and have been delivered with a supportive and culturally sensitive environment.

Becoming a WW Patient

All services are available to the Spanish-speaking community through bilingual staff and volunteers. Other translation services are available upon request.


Primary medical care, including preventative exams, care for urgent and chronic health issues, including HIV/AIDS care, is available to the LGBT community.  Our medical practitioners are local leaders in LGBT health care and are very knowledgeable regarding health concerns that occur in the LGBT community.  Some examples of specific LGBT health services at Whitman-Walker include:

  • Affirming gynecological care for lesbians, bisexual women and certain transgender patients.
  • Screening for anal cancer in gay and bisexual men.
  • Mautner Project at WWH provides health education and support for lesbians, bisexual women and transgender people.
  • Culturally-sensitive STD screenings for all patients.
    • Our Gay Men's Health and Wellness/STD Clinic provides free screenings for sexually transmitted diseases every Tuesday and Thursday night.
  • Hepatitis A and B, Gardasil (for human papillomavirus) and other medically-appropriate vaccines are available.
  • The Breast Health Initiative offers access to mammography, clinical breast exams and breast self-exam education. BHI helps women with breast health/chest health concerns navigate the health care system.
  • HIV post-exposure prophylaxis, treating patients with HIV medications to prevent infection after an unsafe sexual exposure
  • Transgender clients can access services such as hormone and testosterone therapy (with our on-site pharmacy for hormones), and trans-affirmative physical exams, including gynecological exams, STD screening and treatment, and cancer screenings.
For more specific information on Transgender care, please visit our Transgender Care page.

The Behavioral Health Care programs of Whitman-Walker promote the mental health of LGBT persons and their loved ones through  both professional and peer-based services.

Dental services are available.

Medical adherence services to help patients maintain their treatment regimen for chronic conditions.

Legal Services are available to help Whitman-Walker clients with sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination; wills, advance medical directives and financial powers of attorney; health, life and disability insurance problems; asylum and other immigration issues; debtors’ rights; and help with name changes and changes to identity documents.