Walt Whitman and Mary Walker

Elizabeth Taylor - The two-time Academy Award-winning actress has been a household name for nearly seven decades. But it was her role as groundbreaking AIDS activist that led Whitman-Walker to name our Northwest DC facility after her.  Ms. Taylor became the first major Hollywood star to adopt the cause of HIV/AIDS after the death of her close friend Rock Hudson. She was a founder of the American Foundation for AIDS Research and continued to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS causes. In 1993, she appeared in person to dedicate the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center.

Max Robinson - An award-winning broadcast journalist and native of Virginia who got his start in Washington, DC, Max Robinson became the first African-American network news anchor when he joined ABC News in 1978. He was also a founder of the National Association of Black Journalists. Robinson died of AIDS in December of 1988. His name graces our facility in Anacostia, a predominantly African-American section of DC with high rates of HIV/AIDS and with fewer options for regular health care.

Bill Austin - The Bill Austin Center for Health and Wellness. Info to come.

Scott and Harper -  Scott-Harper house. Info to come.