PALS - People Advocating for LGBT Seniors

What is PALS?

PALS is a free program connecting compassionate, trained volunteer visitors with LGBT seniors, aged 55 and older, living at home or in assisted living and nursing facilities. PALS provides companionship and help, when needed, accessing community, health and government services. All volunteers are trained and supervised by professional staff at Whitman-Walker Health.


  • minimizes the social isolation experienced by many senior LGBT people.
  • increases individuals' ability to age in their own homes and communities.
  • helps elders become aware of and access culturally competent services, including health care.
  • improves the overall health, safety  and quality of life of LGBT seniors.

How Do I Participate in PALS?

To participate as a client or to learn more about receiving free PALS services, call 202.797.3570 and ask for "PALS" or e-mail us.

Why Volunteer with PALS?

PALS involves you in your community and gives you a way to help those in need. You will meet new people and learn new skills as you work with other volunteers and provide services to LGBT seniors. Adults of all ages are welcome!

To become a volunteer, you will need to be a resident of the Washington, DC metropolitan area aged 18 or older who can make a commitment of at least six months to the program. Call 202.797.3570 and ask for "PALS" or e-mail us.