Nutrition Services

Nutrition is a very important, but often overlooked aspect of our health. More than eight percent of our population has Diabetes and heart disease has been the leading cause of death in minorities for 80 years. Other chronic conditions brought on by poor diet include obesity, high blood pressure, kidney disease and high cholesterol just to name a few.  

WWH's Registered Dietitian can assist you with nutrition counseling and provide you with helpful information that can be used in your daily life. By working on your diet and lifestyle choices now you have a better chance of possibly staying off medications for chronic conditions in the future. Some of these lifestyle choices include exercising more, drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables and quitting smoking.

Come learn how to eat healthy on a budget and how to make smarter choices at the grocery store for both you and your family’s health. You can gain the knowledge on how to properly read food labels, learn the differences in fats, carbohydrates and protein, and how to put together a balanced plate. Whether you are on a diabetic diet, low-sodium diet or just want to lose weight, learning basic nutrition skills today can help keep you on track for the rest of your life!

How WWH Can Help

Any patient who sees a primary care doctor at WWH and has a chronic condition (HIV, heart disease, Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney diease or obesity) can receive individual counseling on healthier eating from our Registered Dietitian.

Nutrition services are not covered by all insurances, so make sure your insurance covers it before you make an appointment with the Dietitian!

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Cooking with Kristen!

Join Registered Dietitian Kristen Jarvis as she demonstrates how to make healthy meals!